About us

One of the critical success factors is the personal experience of our trainers, who have lived and worked abroad in varied business environments. Our trainers offer extensive international experience in international business, consulting, cross-cultural training and language and communication skills. It is supported by the extensive research based on the works of leading authorities in cross-cultural studies.

Our clients come from the public and private sector and from a wide range of industries throughout the world.

From international managers and their families to multi-cultural teams, short term foreign assignees to international companies, we enable them to work effectively in diverse cultural environments by programs tailored to their unique needs. Our work is based on a variety of input.

Our Philosophy:

World Experts activities are founded on the passionate conviction that human diversity and individual differences create opportunities to build a better world.

Our Languages:

Arabic, Bulgarian, English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Russian, Spanish.

Our seminars are held in the clients' chosen location or at selected seminar facilities.

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