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Working and living successfully in Germany

Target Audience - who should attend:

Multinational corporations doing business in Germany
Companies and individuals establishing partnerships with German business counterparts
International companies and individuals experiencing the challenges of doing business in Germany
International managers and their families
Executives who are planning on relocating to a new home in Germany
Multi-cultural teams
Short term foreign assignees

Workshop Specific Objectives Germany

The objectives of the cross-cultural preparatory training conducted by World Experts are to provide basic knowledge on German culture and history and to enhance practical cross-cultural competencies.

To understand differences in values, behaviors and attitudes, and their practical implications for leading successfully in Germany:

to provide significant personal insights and understanding of others,
to give insights into German behavioural patterns, especially in business,
to give the opportunity to reflect one’s own behaviour and to understand other people’s way of communication,
to facilitate work in intercultural groups,
to help consider the participants influence upon the work climate they create,
to reduce the problems during and after expatriation.

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